Governor Brown has issued a series of Executive Orders with a goal to reduce water use in California.

The approved resolutions mandate the conservation of water by everyone in California, including the public, water suppliers, and businesses.

The end goal of the resolutions is to “implement mandatory water reductions in urban areas to reduce potable urban water usage by 25 percent statewide.”

Water regulation went into effect on May 15 with a goal of reaching 25% reduction by February of 2016.

The level of regulation differs depending on the district, city, or area, and ranges from 8% total reduction to 36%. Those numbers are based on a number of factors, including the percentage of water that the area has saved compared to usage in 2013.

You can view a full list of conservation standards on the California State Water Resources Control Board website.

You can do your part to reduce water usage in California. Make sure you’re not wasting water—there are a number of ways in which water usage is now prohibited by law.