Our Mission

The mission of the Bodega Bay Public Utility District is to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Bodega Bay while promoting a living and working environment that allows for the best quality of life. We accomplish this goal by serving the community with resourceful, efficient, progressive, and professional leadership.

Bodega Bay Public Utility District’s management team and staff maintain high professional and ethical standards and remain committed to responding to our community’s ever-changing environmental needs.

Janet Ames
General Manager

Vickie Watts
District Clerk/Office Administrator

Services, Functions, & Service Area

Bodega Bay Public Utility District was formed in 1948 (Pursuant to Section 9 of “The Public Utility District Act”), for the purpose of furnishing potable water within the District boundaries. In 1975, the District acquired the wastewater treatment plant and treats effluent to secondary/tertiary standards. The District is located in the western coastal portion of Sonoma County and serves the unincorporated community of Bodega Bay. The District currently has 1,058 water connections and 1,006 sewer connections, serving a population of approximately 2,625. The District currently employs 10 persons and is governed by a publicly elected five member Board of Directors.

Major activities include the production of groundwater and the delivery of water to domestic and commercial accounts. The District operates water treatment facilities and maintains over 21 miles of water mains. The other major activities include the collection, storage, treatment, and disposal of wastewater. The District operates the wastewater treatment facility, holding ponds, 8 lift stations, maintains over 15 miles of effluent lines, and provides secondary/tertiary wastewater for irrigation to the Bodega Harbour golf course and on the North Disposal Site owned by the District.