Salmon Creek Well & Live Data

BBPUD currently operates seven freshwater wells to meet municipal water demand within its service area. In addition to the well located adjacent to Salmon Creek, the District’s two wells located within the Dunes State Park, three wells at the Roppolo well site and one well located at 1681 Bay Flat Rd. These additional wells are interconnected with the District’s water distribution system and are used, on-demand, to meet seasonal supply demand within the District’s service area. Since these alternative wells are located along the western side of Bodega Bay, water supplies to this groundwater aquifer are independent of surface water flows within Salmon Creek. Therefore, seasonal operation of the alternative water supply wells to meet service area demand during periods when the Salmon Creek well has been curtailed are independent and will not result in impacts to surface water flows affecting aquatic habitat within Salmon Creek. The District is continuing to explore alternative water supply sources that will further augment seasonal supplies available to meet local demand. The information below provides the status of BBPUD’s well at Salmon Creek.




BBPUD’s Salmon Creek Well is currently not being used.