2022 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The District is responsible for operating and maintaining 15.6 miles of gravity sewer mains, most of which were constructed in the late 1970s. Many of these assets are beginning to reach the end of their 50-year design life. In recent years, portions of the sewer collection system have required significant emergency repairs, and an inspection of the entire system has revealed that sections are at risk of potential failure. Additionally, the District has noticed increasing levels of inflow and infiltration (I/I) of surface water into the sewer collection system.

The District is preparing to start construction on the 2022 Sewer Rehabilitation to repair or replace approximately 21,000 feet of aging sewer pipelines throughout the District. Repairing the sewer collection system will reduce I/I and improve the long-term condition of the sewer collection system.

The project is estimated to cost about $5.1 million. The District is pursuing low-interest financing for this project to smooth costs over time and minimize the bimonthly bill impact on ratepayers. The proposed capital surcharge will fund debt service payments on the project financing rather than funding the entire project cost upfront in one year.

Proposed Capital Surcharge

The 2021 Wastewater Rate Study Update conducted by Bartle Wells Associates provides the basis for calculating the proposed capital surcharge to ensure that revenues from the surcharge align with the Sewer Rehabilitation Project costs and that surcharges are proportionally allocated to each customer. 

The proposed surcharge comprises a flat bimonthly charge for all single-family residential wastewater users and a volumetric charge on each hundred cubic foot (hcf) of bimonthly water use for all commercial wastewater users.

Single Family Residential (Fixed Charge)$30.31per account ($15.16 per month)
Commercial (Volumetric Charge)$3.46per hcf* bi-monthly water use
*1 hcf = 748 gallons

Other than the proposed capital surcharge, wastewater rates will remain unchanged.

For questions, contact Jennifer Melman (707) 636-7016.

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